Menu Quick Service

Menu Quick Service

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  1. 2 categories
  2. no assigned images
  3. no promotions (promos)
  4. additional text (contains: nuts)
  5. hot level (chili icons)

  1. Categories
  2. Sub headings (vertical style)
  3. Promotions (promos)
  4. Hot level (chili icons)

    This slide is designed to be very flexible with the amount of menu items you have.  When you have too much content, it will 'flow' off the bottom of the slide and not be seen.  If this happens, you should reduce summary content to fit more items in. Examples:
    1. Shorten wording wherever appropriate, IE: from Black Pepper to Pepper
    2. You can also change the setting style of Sub Menu from Horizontal to Vertical
    3. Try moving Summary text within  Additional Info to a Dietary Labels . These features will also give a different look to your menu

    Adding Menu Items

    Download a copy of the example template locally, create a version, complete the content and reupload. You'll see content immediately within the Preview.

    • Add menu details to the Menu  tab
    • Set menu categories in the  Category  tab
    • Set and dietary labels in the  DietaryLabels  tab
    • Set timeslots to show menu items on screen during the day at different times in the  Timeslot Tab
    • This Tab is for when you have a promotion, use the  Promo tab
    CategoryEnter the exact name used in the Category tab
    Title and Sub CategoryEnter the name of your menu item, and if it requires a sub category
    Summary (optional for Left Position) 

    Use to add more details, keep in mind a short length, any overflow content will be cut-off (and any Dietary labels that are assigned to it).
    e.g. Comes with a side salad. 

    A 'fallback' for when there is just too much text to practically accommodate. Dietary Labels are prioritized over the Summary for space, an ellipsis will display if the end of the summary cannot fit comfortably.


    Additional Information (optional for Left Position)This is open format field, so you can add any additional information such as a calorie or kilojoule count e.g. 180 cal / 5.5 kj
    Dietary Labels (optional for Left Position)Please enter the exact label specified in the DietaryLabel tab. Use commas to separate (with no space) e.g. V,DF,GF.
    This is an open format field so you can add any pricing e.g. $5.50, 50c, $8/$12 
    Image (optional)Format will depend on your data management option (SharePoint, File Upload or Google Sheets).  See ' Data Entry Tips ' for more details
    DayContent items that have a Category assigned will show on screen, even if the Day column is empty. To specify whether a menu item is only available on specific days, enter a short 3-letter day name. Your item will only show on the day(s) entered. To list multiple days, add a comma with no space.
    e.g. To exclude Wednesday, enter: Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun
    TimeslotAny content items that has a Category assigned will show on screen, even if the Timeslot column is empty. To day-part schedule menu items, enter the exact name used in the Timeslot tab.
    e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Category tab

    Category Add one category per row. This value should be copied to your Menu tab exactly as its entered here. This will group your menu items according. The categories will also be used as the menu section heading in the slide and appear in the same order as they appear in the spreadsheet.
    e.g. Mains , or All Desserts $7

    Add text for pricing - which will appear directly underneath the Category Heading
    e.g. All main meals come with Rice or Fries , or SMALL | $15.90 LARGE | $19.90 or $5.90

    DietaryLabel tab

    Label Add one label per row. You can abbreviate or show the full name e.g. Dairy Free or DF. Labels will display in the same order as the rows in the spreadsheet, regardless of the order they appear in the Menu Tab.
    ColourPre-set colours have been added. Please change to your own HEX colours if desired.

    Promo tab

    This Tab is for when you have a promotion. Such as "Celebrating Christmas Week", where your menu may feature Christmas theme. you may wish to add an appropriate image and Caption to support the theme.

    Adding content within this tab will override  item images (i.e. only promo images will show and loop).

    ImageThe file format will depend on your data management option (SharePoint, File Upload or Google Sheets). See ' Data Entry Tips ' for more details
    Image CaptionShort text caption of the promotion you are running. Ideal 2-5 words. Content will cut-off after about 10 words.
    Add a price. e.g $10.00
    Add a deal. e.g. buy 1 get 1 free
    Add terms. e.g. Available Monday-Friday

    Timeslot tab

    Day PartSet timeslots to show menu items on screen during the day at different times e.g Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    StartSet a start time for each day part. e.g. 7.00am
    EndSet an end time for each day part. e.g. 10.00am


    • All fields a general 'Text' fields. If you are having issues with seeing 'patchy' data. Ensure all fields are 'Text' or 'General'
    • Is there a maximum number of menus items?  What will show in screen is dependent on how many items you have overall on any given day. The slide is designed to not show an error , but if you have too many items that contain lengthy Titles, Summaries and a lot of Dietary labels, you may find that some will not show, or will be cut off the bottom of the screen.
    • Use a Slide/spreadsheet per location/brand within your organisation. You will need to create a new Slide and spreadsheet for each variation of menu items or pricing.
    • The slide will auto-refresh every 1 minute to remove items that are not available in the current time. However, this behaviour is only more useful for spreadsheet items than for web portal items. This is because:
      • When using a Spreadsheet - items will be loaded to the slide, and the slide will use the Day and Timeslot columns to control items' visibility.
      • When using the Vibe Web Portal - the server will control items' visibility via date, time and repeat fields, so only some items will be loaded on the slide at a time. When the player syncs (every 5 minutes) and gets a new update from the server, the player will reload the slide with new items.

    Asset Downloads

    Take advantage of downloading our default assets as a guide to create your own, if you wish to change them.

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