Template Design - What you need to know

Template Design - What you need to know

Designers, Graphic teams, Marketing, Brand Guardians
This article is for you.

Your role as a content producer is so important and we want to provide you with all the information you need to ensure that the visual content on your Vibe channel is:

  • On brand
  • Fresh
  • Snackable
  • Engaging
  • Animated

The first thing to note is that you do not need to design templates.  We've got that covered! Your content publishers are set up with templates and they can also request any of the predesigned animated dynamic slides via the Vibe Template Library.

» If there's a need for customisation, we can work with you and your Vibe team to produce a design that will suit your content. Simply email your brief to our support team, and we will be in touch.

What makes Vibe successful
Here are some key tips to help you understand the difference between Vibe and other communication platforms you may be using:

  • Content should be snackable, visual and eye-catching
    Providing your content publishers with text heavy, static graphics will not get cut-through and engagement from your viewers. Using a combination of our dynamic slides and your theme/customised graphics will help ensure that content is engaging.
  • Content should be easy to manage
    Using external software to created templated, animated videos that cannot be edited or updated by your content publishers is not required. Dynamic slides allow you to fully automate updates using raw data or manually updated via your portal.

Producing Custom Assets for your Vibe content producers
Our design team have made it easy for you to be involved as little or as much as you like. When we add a Vibe dynamic slide to your portal, the slide settings automatically default to using your Vibe theme (see below) and any default design assets/images that we've included.

Your content publishers have the option of using these default settings or working with you to create custom assets that they can swap out as/when needed.

Setting the Theme - Help Content Producers to stay "On Brand"

We've used your brand guidelines to establish a 'Vibe' theme which includes default fonts, your primary logo, a pool of background images and primary/second heading/background colours.
By default, the theme is applied to all slides but there is also an option to customise these settings at both theme and slide level.

» TIP: If you would like to update the Theme settings, use your supplied login or contact our support team to access the admin console.


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