Image Gallery

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery template is designed to showcase your photos or images in fullscreen mode (with or without captions).

Manage content

Web Portal

  1. Create a slide using the Image Gallery template
  2. In the slide editor, select Web Portal in the Content Source dropdown

  3. Add images to your Gallery slide:
    1. Drag-and-drop one or more images via the Upload field
    2. ‚ÄčClick [Add Content] to upload images via the content editor and click [Save]

    3.  Repeat steps a and/or b to add more images
  4. When you are ready to go live, add your Gallery slide to one or more playlists.
  1. Content Editor options include image upload (JPG/GIF/PNG/GIF, <30 MB) and an optional title/summary.
  2. All changes in the slide editor are auto-saved.

File Upload (XSLX)

  1. Create a slide using the Image Gallery template
  2. Select File Upload (XSLX) in the Content Source dropdown and download Vibe-Data-Template-A.xslx
  3. To add images via the XLSX file, add one valid image URL to each row in the Image column (e.g.

  4. Save your XLSX file locally and upload the saved file into the slide editor
  5. When you are ready to go live, add your Gallery slide to one or more playlists.

Data ColumnSupported Formatting
TitleFree format. Bold and underline formatting is supported.
SummaryFree format. Bold, underline and bullet or number list formatting is supported.
ImageValid web URL (e.g. image:
Start TimeHH:MM (24hr) or HH:MM AM and HH:MM PM
End TimeHH:MM (24hr) or HH:MM AM and HH:MM PM
For more information on supported data formatting, refer to the Data Templates article.

Design Tips

Tailor your image gallery with ease!
  1. Grab the attention of passersby with these transitions.
  2. Use the included Graphic background (or create your own) and make your image title & summary stand out onscreen!

  1. Themes - Polish your design with company branding elements, such as logos and color schemes

For more tips on customising your Image Gallery slides, read our article on Slide Formatting & Design

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